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You can read about the rules of paper writing, book publication, thesis writing, etc. in our blog.

What is a poster paper?

After writing a manuscript, publishing paper in a journal or presenting that article in an academic conference is an important step.  The controversial question which arises here is what is…

Paper Rejection Reasons

When you submit a paper to a journal, after a while they answer you. The answer can be one of the options including accepted, minor revision needed, major revision needed,…

ebook vs. textbook

Publishing e-books Instead of Printed Books

You can publish your books as printed books which is of a long history and maybe more acceptable for older professors, while publishing e-books is of some benefits making authors…


How to Make a Booklet?

Booklets are very short books that usually contain information on one particular subject, according to Longman dictionary. Before explaining how to make a booklet, we need to know why we…

the length of a master's thesis

How Many Pages Should a Master Thesis Have?

It is of the most frequent questions students may have: how many pages should a master thesis have? However each university has its protocol on theses, there is an average…

design of a research study

Design of a Research Study

Design of a research study is the procedures a researcher go through for answering the research questions. It includes two phases: the collecting data method and analyzing it. Design of…

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We are here to help you with writing your dissertation, as well as writing, editing, translating and publishing your papers and books.

Thesis Writing Services

Master and Ph.D. students need to write a thesis at the end of the course. In order to get a better grade, you should adhere to the rules and regulations…

Translation Services

The Sharifyar is an academic institute offering a wide range of services in terms of counseling for writing thesis and research papers, extracting papers and books from thesis, and publishing…

Research Paper Writing Services

Sharifyar’s services in terms of research papers are including “research paper writing training” and “research paper acceptance and publication”. Research paper writing training and supporting In order to write an…

Publishing Book Services

Writing a thesis is a time consuming and precise activity containing a large amount of precious information including the literature review, data collection, analyzing data, and results. A researcher spends…

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Sharifyar institute is an academic institute providing a wide range of services including Ph.D. and master’s thesis writing counselling services, as well as training to extract books and research papers from a thesis. This institute also support researchers in publishing their books and research papers in valid ISI journals.

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Sharifyar institute employs an experienced team of researchers and professors to consult and train applicants. We do all the educational, translation and publication services in the shortest time possible. In addition, they are of the highest quality you can be proud of. We aim to help students to make them ready for post graduate education worldwide.

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