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During graduation, particularly in graduate studies, students are required to be advised to write articles in their specialized courses. However, most students, with their modern lifestyles and increasingly busy engagements, often face difficulties in writing an English-language essay that is often overly specialized and need to spend more time.

So, unfortunately, many research projects and student thesis, despite their high quality due to lack of familiarity with the professional writing method of articles and writing weaknesses, are not published in prestigious journals (ISI or ISC journals).

Therefore, the Sharifyar Institute with identifying and collecting a large number of outstanding professors and first-level specialists both internally and externally in different disciplines, and forming the first comprehensive network of experts in the field of writing an article called the Integrated System of Specialists and Professors for Consulting in writing articles and preparing articles, has been aimed to provide a variety of services in the writing of articles, extracting articles from dissertations or theses or other research texts, editing, correcting, and completing articles for enthusiasts.

All experts of Sharifyar have been selected on the basis of the research effective experience, high expertise and experience in the writing high-level papers, high level of specialized knowledge, ability to write an article in a variety of topics related to their specialized field and several other criteria and each of them has multiple ISI articles with a high impact factor. The honor of working with such a comprehensive network of experts will allow the Sharifyar Institute to offer high-quality and unique articles to the valuable students and scholars in a short time.

It is worth noting that all the orders of students and researchers to the Sharifyar Institute are examined confidentially and will be assigned to the specialists for writing without mentioning the name of the ordering party. Also, all papers are reviewed by Plagiarism software after the process of writing, and their non-plagiarism is guaranteed by the Institute. One of the most important obligations of the Sharifyar Institute is the timely delivery of the articles. Regarding the time of writing the articles, Sharifyar is very flexible so that, given the urgency of the order and the level of the article, the approximate time of writing can be varied from one week to one month.


If there is any question or problem with the article, it is possible for you to talk directly with our specialists and consult with them regarding the questions and problems. Certainly, experts of Sharifyar Institute will be happy to be able to solve your problems and to answer your questions in relation to the written article. Sharifyar Institute, with the help of its competent experts in the Integrated System of Specialists and Professors for Consulting in writing articles, is pleased to offer the following services in a very high quality and in a short time to highly valued students and researchers at home and abroad:

  • Choosing a topic and consulting in the professional writing of articles in all disciplines and topics in both English and Persian.
  • Consulting in the extracting of articles from dissertations or theses or other research texts.
  • Rewriting articles that have been rejected in the arbitration of one or more specialized journals.
  • Editing and modifying of the written articles and conforming them to the content and structural standards required for valid journals.
  • Consulting in the writing of articles at moderate to very high levels depending on the level of research work.
  • Consulting in the writing a variety of articles, including scholarly articles, review articles, proceeding papers, writing Survey papers, types of Letter articles, types of communication articles, book chapters, and so on.
  • Consulting in the modifying and completing of the written articles.
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