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The range of knowledge in the current world is very wide. The broad range of disciplines, tendencies and scientific issues is evidence of the fact that the past boundary have lost their function in the relation to the sciences. Among these, one of the most important tools for expanding the knowledge of scientific are science publications or journals. The dramatic increasing in the number of journals in the recent years has led to be difficult the selection of an appropriate journal to guarantee the publication of articles with over twenty thousand titles of credible journal and more than dozens of journal titles in any specialized subject. How many valuable articles have been published in low-quality journals because of their complete lack of familiarity of their authors, or have spent a lot of time in order to publish it in the appropriate journal.

Hence, throughout the world, companies and institutions have been set up to utilize relevant experts and software to assist the authors in selecting the appropriate journal and submitting articles to those journals. On the other hand, after selecting the appropriate journal, regarding the structural and content principles of that journal, expediting the arbitration process, appropriately responding to the opinions of the referees and reducing the print time, is another problem that researchers have faced, and in particular students and volunteers attend a doctoral interview or receive a scholarship due to their time constraints.

Thus, the Sharifyar Institute with the establishing a network of first-level researchers, prominent professors and international referees of reputable journals both inside and outside of the country, titled ISAPRP (an Integrated System of Advisers, Professors and Referees for the Publication of articles), while selecting the appropriate journal and in the harmony to your article, has succeeded to reduce the time to get accept and publish the article.

The work process of ISAPRP

The work of ISAPRP (an Integrated System of Advisers, Professors and Referees for the publication of articles) is firstly the consultants of this system study the article and then send it to relevant specialists in that field. ISAPRP’s experts, all of whom are prominent professors and international referees of prestigious journals, by reviewing the paper, specify the level and select the appropriate journal.


At this step, if the article encounters content problems, those problems will be resolved and will be ready for publishing in that journal and then will be submitted. Honor of cooperating with such a comprehensive network of elites and professors who all act as a referee in one or more prestigious journals or have numerous articles in those journals and have a full knowledge of the arbitration procedures of the journals in their field of expertise, give a capability to ISAPRP, by exploiting the extensive communication between these experts and journals and editors of the journal, to accelerate the process of arbitration and mostly reduce the time of publication of articles

At the end, the experts of the system respond to the questions and opinions of the referees and solve the probable problems and receive the final acceptance of the articles. It should be noted that all information and documentation of students and scholars that are given to the Sharifyar Institute are fully confidentially study and to the pre-printed stage to increase the scope of applicants’ security, without mentioning the name of the client committed to ISAPRP specialists for the selection of the journal and publish the article. The Sharifyar Institute with assistance of its powerful experts in ISAPRP (an Integrated System of Consultants, Professors and Referees for the Publication of articles), is proud to provide fully guaranteed all publishing services to the valuable students and researchers at home and abroad. (All terms and conditions of the article publication guarantee is mentioned in the legal agreement of the Institute)

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