How to Get a Book Published?

After writing a book – including academic, children’s, novels, and etc. – you need to find a publisher to get your book published. Some publishers are dedicated to academic works, some only publish children’s books, and so on. So you need to find a publisher working in your book’s area.

Creating the draft

It is better to talk with publishers while writing your book so that you have come to an agreement with one before finishing the work. To do so, create a draft of your book and write a summary of the book, the importance of its subject, and its novelty.

The draft should be written in a way that convinces the publisher to publish your book.

Making the contract

When you and a publisher agreed on the book’s subject and content, it is time to negotiate a contract. In this stage you can talk about your own rights including copyrights, the payments, and the time it should be paid, and etc.

Designing the cover

The cover of a book is of a way importance since it can attract the potential readers. The first thing makes readers decide to take a look at a book in a bookstore based on its cover and the subject written on it.

When the potential reader took your book, s/he may read the note on the back cover. You need to write one or two paragraphs about the book or about yourself.

Note that, you will not design the book cover, however you can if you want to. There is a designer hired by the publisher to do so. The only thing you need to do is to make comments.


ISBN is an international number assigning to every book whether e-books or printing books.

This number helps publishers, librarians, and so on to recognize different books. To search in libraries or websites also an ISBN can be used to find a specific book.

It is publishers’ duty to get your book’s ISBN. However, you can even sell a book without an ISBN (e.g. when you are to sell a self-published book) or purchase your own ISBN.

Get your book published

Sharifyar institute cooperates with some international publishers and can publish your academic books in the shortest time possible as an e-book and/or printing book.

The books published by Sharifyar can be ordered worldwide by renowned international distributors such as Amazon, e-bay, Morebooks, and etc.

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