How to Turn Your Dissertation into a Book?

In order to turn your dissertation into a book, forget about your dissertation. Just use the information you get during the process of dissertation writing, and write a new, more general version of it. However, at the same time, it is not going to be a completely new subject providing new information. The subject, the aim, the variables, conclusion, and all the information are the same.

Define the title

Before starting to write, define the topic and your audience. Chosen topic must be related and attractive to the group of audience. Besides it should contain the variables which you are going to talk about.

Define chapters

Chapters of a book differs from a dissertation. You can divide the book into chapters based on subjects you are going to talk about, and make headings and subheadings for each one.

Note that the organization of a book is very important. A clear organization that its logic is easy to be understood is more possible to attract the reader.

Relate each chapter to its previous one, and in the last paragraph open a new subject in relation to what has been said, so that you can write about the new subject in the next chapter.

Make the introduction chapter as effective as you can, so that motivates the reader to follow the book.

Write the content

Now it is time to write the content of each chapter.

The language you will use in a book differs from a dissertation. verbs are active. Jargon is eliminated or defined, and generally use a simpler language in your book. It needs to be understandable to a wider range of readers.

Open each chapter with a paragraph showing the main aim of that, and close it with a conclusion.

Do the same for each paragraph, meaning, start paragraphs with a sentence containing the main subject of that paragraph, then write about that text and extend it. At the last sentence you should write a conclusion. Next paragraph must be on a different subject, while related to previous one and follows it.

In a book you do not cite in body, only make a list of references at the end of your book as “for further reading” or “references”.

Review what you have written

When you are done with writing the book, leave it for a few days or a week, and then review to revise it.

Make openings of each chapter and the introduction chapter stronger.

Review the chapters, headings, and subheadings. Use strong and attractive phrases. The order of them also needs to be logically make sense.

Eliminate unnecessary content, extend the explanations and descriptions as needed, and add definition to terminologies.

To write a better version of your book, you need to know the differences between a book and a dissertation, you can follow “Differences between book and dissertation” to read more.

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